Renault Clio 4 R3T mod for Assetto Corsa

Renault Clio 4 R3T (car mod) for Assetto Corsa



Credit: base 3D mesh is by unknown artist. Every other changes made by mesa.
Skin artist: mesa, and Thanks to ArnoRally, JD Rallye, Kentin 76 (Credits visible as Team names)

Special thanks to Yann Paranthoen, Rally Technical Manager of RENAULT Sport Racing and Josep M. FERRER Rally Commercial Coordinator for Gear ratios and Power Torque live values!

How to use this mod:
Copy the content of the archive file into (AC root)/content/cars folder.

Car: Templates:
Download link
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v.0.61 - 8 jan 2017
- Michelin Pilot Sport 19/63-17 tyre scratch made textures added

v.0.55 - 3 jan 2017
- rim and tyre blurs added

v.0.52 - 27 dec 2016
- new plastic shaders /materials
- new dash data

v.0.51 - 23 dec 2016
- new switch shapes
- plexi on MoTec display
- new digital instruments (RPM, Speed, Water Temp)

v0.5b - first release
- Scratch made audio: ALS, REV limiter, Exhaust etc.
- gearbox sound for internal, external views
- Co-pilot
- Built-In GoPro cameras, plus F6 camera presets
- tyre model v6.0 - will changed later
- physics based on real data
- SADEV ST82-17 6 speed sequential gearbox
- working lights and digital dash monitor
- and more...

ToDo list:
- rim + tyre blur
- brake sounds (if Kunos will add them again)
- PSD template
- cracked window glasses
- gravel tyres version

If you host it to elsewhere give a back link to this page.


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