Toyota Yaris WRC test Ott Tanak

Toyota Yaris WRC Rallyworld test skin for Assetto Corsa

Instruction: Copy the content of the archive file into (AC root)/content/cars folder.

v 1.0


  • Scratches, damages
  • Michelin Tyres
  • AO
  • New tail lights textures
  • Tinted windows
  • Yaris badge
  • Licence plates

This is an addon! You need car mod before install this livery. Yaris WRC Car Mod Download link:
Credits: RallyWorld

The RW model has a bad UVW maps, sorry, the rim looks weird. Car model also has no Specocc maps, so no difference between parts speculars.
I should work on correct it, if i have a motivation. :)

The original release has a yellow tinted headlights color, i made a realistic one. You have to copy lights.ini to data folder. Don't forget to rename to someone else.



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